Arabella Hair Cash Back Activity Save Up to 50% Money


Good News Girls! To be grateful for your long-time support, Arabella Hair launched the first season Cash Back Activity. Participate in this activity will get cash back.
Are you ready to get a wig also get CASH BACK?

Following questions you may concern:
1. How can I join in the activity?
A: Very easy rules, just need 2 minutes you can get cash back, let the picture show you how to join&get cash back.
Activity Link:
customer service email:

2. How long will you give me cash back?
A: After you contact our customer service via email, they will process the cash back to you as soon as possiable. We will send money to your paypal account or card directly.

3. Who can get cash back? Random select or all participated customer?
A: The activity aims to help every customer save money while getting high quality human hair wigs, so all participated customer will get cash back.

Welcome to share your opinion or question with us in comment, Arabella hair team will be there all the time. Enjoy your shopping.


  • Jay

    How do I become a wholesale, and

  • caela young

    yolanda Vinson, im replyng bacl to your comment i was never able to find the section of reviews eithther which as a small business owner i hope they take your wuestion and produce that section on website, i went put on a limb inhopes that id actually get what the product description stated id get, that it be human hair and in the shape they said it would be in, to my outcome, i was very hapy with what i received its actually the best wig i have i just got my second, i wear it and it feels like i have nothing on none of the itching a very suppported feeling had a band and clips in 4×4 lace whih feels so soft i dont even bother with glue or cap,now im sure not all r the same but the product came in perfectly finished packaging, box sturdy inside came a edging comb pretty set of false lashes, clips a cap and a beautiful satin ribbon to tie back or wear fashion wise many ways. mayve even more i cant quite remember. but its so soft, i can wash it dry it style it with iron, hair spray then repeat, or judt wash and it still looks great just not fixed and set, i wore it last time with little product and made a wavy scrunched beach vibe. i would highly reccomend trying it out, be sure to use your side bar win a prize and subscribe with email i get texts with great offers so often, if my husband didnt hate how much ive spent trying to fond the right place company and product for what i needed which is daily wear and not to look like im wearing a wig i got so many halloween looking outcomes buying on line, but im glad i found them. give them a try i am a real customer making absolutly notiing from this post just another buyer who feared a false advertizement .. hope this finds you and helps some

  • Yolanda Vinson

    I would like to read comments from other people who have ordered from you before I make any purchases. Could please tell me how I can get to that section please? because I cant find one.

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